I had a little thought that I wanted to put out in the aether because I thought that it really might have merit and be worth serious consideration by the powers that be. Hope that you find it at least interesting even if you disagree with me.  Please accept my blanket apology for the misspelling, poor grammar and lousy structure.

    The Rbob Gambit is simply this: The country is suffering a major financial slowdown precipitated by a drastic increase in the price of oil and thereby gasoline (the RBOB contract can be said to be the wholesale price of gas) caused by massive speculation in the commodities and futures markets. Laws have been written and rewritten for decades to stop this very problem, the most recent being the Dodd – Frank Act. The CFTC by the actions of its commissioners have failed in their duty to enforce these laws. The CFTC is part of the executive branch and thereby under the direct control of the President. By exercising the power of his office, Barak Obama has the means to revive the economy, increase employment, stem the tide of bankruptcies and home foreclosures, reduce basic food and energy prices for billions around the world and thereby help revive the world’s economic engine. Requiring the CFTC to pass rules to ensure that commodities markets are free of excessive speculation as required by the congress is not only his purview it is his duty. It is legal, requires no new legislation, can be done in weeks not months, costs nothing, and will return hundreds of billions of dollars of purchasing power to American consumers that will drive growth.

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martin horzempa
The RBOB Gambit

posted: 2011-09